Shawn and Emily Stoik are a power couple and work at home family with 3 beautiful children! They have always worked from home and had a passion to help other families learn to do the same. They are originally from Alberta, Canada (Shawn is the Canadian, Emily is the American) with a background in teaching Online Marketing, Social Media and home business development. They have a huge passion for fitness and nutrition as well so Isagenix is the perfect marriage of all the elements of the perfect company!

Emily grew up on the East Coast of the United States (Virginia) and Shawn was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Emily studied BioMeteorology at Utah State University and later worked as a Make-up artist just before she met Shawn. Shawn was a Private Investigator with the City Police in Edmonton, Alberta when they met in 2001 and shortly after were engaged.

A horrible explosion on an oil field site the end of 2001 threatened to take Shawn’s life but resulted in a miracle that he survived with 3rd degree burns to his hands and face. This traumatic experience caused them to take a 180 perspective at life and realize they wanted something different for their future. This lead them to pursue home business and network marketing in the Wellness industry. They have been blessed to be top leaders and six figure income earners in two network marketing companies before being introduced to Isagenix by VIP Team founder Ben Stephenson.

Shawn and Emily are excited and honored to be teaming up with the VIP Team that is uniting top leaders from around the industry who are all coming together to launch the most powerful and skilled team that this industry has been craving. Says Emily, “What we love about Isagenix is that it is exciting, but it is also real. Substance not just hype. Real people getting real results. We love that most of the Isagenix Millionaires* (*career earnings with Isagenix exceeding $1 million dollars) are not necessarily industry professionals but real average moms and dads who are doing this for the first time and becoming massively successful just by helping other people.

Emily continues, “This isn’t about us, it’s about helping others. We were looking for a platform that had all the elements necessary to help as many people succeed as possible and this is it! We know that there are all sorts of different and unique reasons that spur a person to want to take a look at Isagenix: finances, weight loss, better health, time freedom etc. No matter what your goals are, we know that with the right tools and team behind you to support you, you can make it happen!”

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